SwarovskiŽ has converted its classical Flatback style 2012 to the new Xilion 2028 cut, which has 14 facets compared to 12 for the 2012. To give the best possible sparkle, it has been glued with a newly developed Hotfix glue. The benefits include flexible application temperatures, from 120 degrees Celsius to 170 degrees Celsius, and shorter application times; plus improved adhesion and increased quality.

Sew-On rhinestones can be secured to any garment or accessory.  They can be used for decoration and embroidery.  Sew-on stones are offered with one, two or three holes, depending on the stone.  Lochrosens and Margaritas have one center hole.

Hotfix rhinestones come with heat sensitive glue on the back.  This special glue melts into the fibers of your fabric forming a permanent bond.  These stones can be applied with a household iron, a heat press, or the Kandi-Kane applicator, which can be purchased from Crystalz.

Flat Back rhinestones contain a coating of silver, gold, or colored foil on the back.  This enhances the brilliancy of the stone, by reflecting back as much light as possible.  These stones can be applied using an adhesive such as E6000 (available from Crystalz) or in a setting.