"The New Generation of Brilliance"

Swarovski has once again brought down to earth a bright star, from the galaxies above, opening up our desires beyond the limit of the skies – the Xilion. It  is the brightest and latest innovation in the galaxy of Swarovski crystals.

The secret that makes Xilion stand out from other Swarovski crystals is its new and unique cut. Alternating facets of different sizes and a specially designed table face produce perfect refraction and particularly intense light distribution. The exclusivity of the Rose with the unique Xilion cut is guaranteed by Swarovski , leaving its privileged customers elated.  The fascinating properties of light and the laws of refraction were the two most important criteria behind the design of the new crystal.  As a result of its pioneering cut, the environment friendly, Xilion has a unique brilliance.  The different sized facets reflect light with an unequalled intensity.  In contrast to a Rose with regular facets, the points of light from Xilion are significantly more intense.

To give the best possible sparkle, it has been glued with a newly developed Hotfix glue. The benefits include flexible application temperatures, from 120 degrees Celsius to 170 degrees Celsius, and shorter application times; plus improved adhesion and increased quality.  The temperature, application time and pressure can be varied, depending on the carrier material. It has a complex structure for perfect adhesion and is based on Swarovski's tried and tested layer structure.  It can be easily used on sensitive and innovative carrier material without causing damage or discoloration. The reduced temperature helps protect the machines and improves the working conditions of the operators.  Even normal application times can be cut by up to two-thirds, increasing the efficiency of the production process.  The primer’s neutral shade of gray ensures that it is as unobtrusive as it is reliable.

The new generation of Hotfix glue with its unique benefits can also be used with other Swarovski Hotfix products . The adhesive technology developed for the Xilion Rose Hotfix is not only used in Swarovski Flat Backs but also in Swarovski Transfers and other Hotfix products. The flexible Swarovski flexible Crystal Mesh has also been adapted for the new glue.

The unique XILION cut is available on Chaton, Rose HF and No HF, Channel, Lochrosen and all Semi-Finished Products (Cupchains & Findings, Crystal Mesh, Bandings, Transfers etc).