The Angelite meaning is known as a peaceful crystal that embodies the gentle vibrations of your guardian angels. Working with the Angelite crystal infuses your spirit with serenity and positivity. It will heighten your awareness of the invisible world and remind you that angels are all around you. Even just gazing at its heavenly blue hues invokes connection with the celestial realm. When you feel its divine energies of support, the Angelite meaning acts as a direct line between you and the angelic realm.


- Angelite Metaphysical Properties

Chakras: Throat (5th), Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th)

Element: Wind

Numerology: Number 1

Zodiac Signs: Aquarius

Crystal Energy: Love, Power, Protection


- Angelite Properties

Color: Colorless, White, Blue, Blue/Violet White and Gray

Mining Locations: Peru

Mineral Class: Sulfates

Family: Anhydrite

Chemical Composition: (CaSO4) Calcium Sulfate

Hardness: 3.5