Blue Scheelite (LAPIS LACE ONYX) is known for its grounding effect. It is quite a heavy stone which helps in keeping a wearer grounded. It also detoxifies the energy system by repelling bacteria, toxins and other harmful microbes. The stone helps to stabilize and support the energy system in such a manner that we are able to truly connect and feel safe in our surroundings. It helps a wearer unleash her creative abilities, allows her to travel through the astral world, allows spiritual awakening and deepens one’s consciousness. It also helps in psychic development. Holding a Blue Scheelite in your hand can change the course of your life. 

It also aids us in speaking our truth from a place of vulnerability, our Soul or our Heart ~ rather than from our Head/Ego. It provides strength and determination in the Solar Plexus and Tantien chakras ~ where our source of power lives energetically in our body.

Crown/Throat Chakra

Zodiac: Cancer