Chalcopyrite, also called Peacock Ore is an uplifting stone, it grounds nervous energy which allows the body and mind to let go of stress and become calm. It can be used to enhance our perception and to awaken inner sight. Chalcopyrite removes energy blockages, cleansing, activating and aligning the chakras and energy bodies at the same time. It is an excellent aid to increase self esteem, banish fears and doubts and soothe the emotions.

Chalcopyrite instills happiness, joy and self-confidence. It attracts abundance in many forms and opens one’s perspective of life in ways that enhance and uplift. Chalcopyrite is believed to ease issues affecting nervous system, respiratory system, metabolic system, brain, brain imbalances, bladder, ease inflammation, anxiety, and increase vitality.

Chakra: All

Zodiac: Capricorn, Taurus