Creedite is a powerful guardian of spiritual health and a facilitator for accessing and understanding ancient knowledge encoded in Atlantean Record Keepers and Lemurian Seed Crystals.

Creedite assists in following through with plans and decisions that have been repeatedly postponed. In the workplace, a Creedite cluster ensures things get done and encourages high standards.

It causes an expansion within your higher chakras, and lifts your overall vibration. The vibration of these crystals is easy to feel, especially in the upper chakras.

They have a strong resonance within the throat chakra which aids communication.

Their energy brings lovely blissful feelings, and causes joy and happiness to flow through you.

You may experience feelings of deep inner peace, which may alleviate depression and stress. They are also good healing stones in a number of areas.

These stones have powerful metaphysical properties and a strong spiritual nature.

All Chakras

Zodiac: Virgo