Dianite is particularly supportive to those of us who feel hurried, anxious, stressed or simply overwhelmed. It is an uplifting stone and can help us to remain cool and calm, especially in stressful situations. It also helps to relieve anger and frustration and is sometimes referred to as a "Philosophers Stone" as it helps us to the situation from another perspective, keeping you protected and not allowing to get bogged down in any tragedies that live often throws at you . Dianite can also help us to think about what we have said and done in the past, by giving us the ability to draw on any lessons that you may have learnt in the past, and what affect these have in our being now. Dianite inspires both extensive and coherent thinking, helping to make us more creative and prompts a sense of harmony.


It is also suggested that Dianite will help in treating cases of hyperactivity. Dianite is often thought of as bringing a feeling of kindheartedness to the person holding it.


Dianite is an exceptional stone for those who wish to become mediums as it helps us to hear the voice within and to consider what we are hearing. It also helps us to hear the voice of our own spirit guide and the voice of our own heart. It encourages our innate psychic abilities and makes us more sensitive to  the spiritual things around us. Dianite helps to promote visualizations and dreams, enhances meditation and helps us to reach decisions based on our own spiritual knowledge and learning.



Chakra: Third Eye, Throat, and Crown


Zodiac: Taurus