Epidote is a strong enhancing stone and is one of the very few stones users should be cautious with when carrying it with them. Epidote will enhance anything, good or bad. If you are having a bad day and carrying Epidote on you, I would highly urge you to remove that piece and set it aside until you possess more positivity. However, if you are having a fantastic day filled with love, positivity, and happiness, Epidote is one stone that can really bring your mood higher than you may have thought was even possible. Just be cautious and deeply connected with yourself when working with this stone. Doing so, you’ll be able to notice even the most subtle of differences in yourself.

Epidote is a stone that is known to affect different people in different ways. How you are affected by its energy, may to some degree depend on your predominant way of thinking. Its vibration is known to bring you more of the same. What does this mean? It relates to the fact that you may benefit from an influx of traits you already have as it brings them clearly to your awareness. This may aid you to experience a variety of good things in your life, in a diversity of different ways, including improved relationships. It is also known as Pistacite, and is said to be very helpful to aid prosperity. As long as you are generous you will manifest more generosity and more prosperity.

Chakra: Hearth

Zodiac: Gemini