Eudialyte is a stone of vitality. It aligns you with universal energy, which also makes it a powerful manifestation tool. Eudialyte opens your heart to welcome love and joy. This stone frees you from your inhibitions, encouraging you to chase after your dreams. To further support you in your quest, Eudialyte balances your physical and emotional selves. It promotes deep emotional healing from a place of introspection and wisdom.

Eudialyte teaches you how to forgive both yourself and others. Negative emotions like anger, grief, fear, and guilt only hold you back. Eudialyte helps you release them so that you can move forward. In particular, Eudialyte is an effective antidote for envy and resentment. If you are struggling to find your life path, this crystal will reveal your unique talents and help you find a career to express them. Eudialyte inspires creativity and unlocks hidden gifts and truths. This crystal shows you your best self and empowers you to achieve it.

Zodiac: Aries

Chakra: Root, Heart